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Our goal is to perfect how to make robots work on the principle of human expertise in both quality and efficiency. We want to make you able to use your experiences in the way your robot works with you. Detail and focus should never be lost in translation between human and machine. It should flow naturally.

It has never been easier to teach a robot this amount of precision without any programming. With change over time reduced by 80%, we ensure profitability down to 10 units.
With SmoothTool it’s possible to transfer your professional welding skills to collaborative robots. In a smooth, easy and fast way you can actually “show and tell” a welding robot how you want the perfect result without doing any programming.
Smooth Robotics develops software that not only operates efficiently but also with a certain meticulousness that is needed in welding. With our unique software, you will get optimal quality, the best precision, minimal changeover time and maximum return on your investment.

“Nobody needs a robot, everyone needs a solution.”

Our story

Our Focus To automate the welding process   Our Goal To automate the welding process worldwide, and take part in making big productions accelerate and more productive.

Smooth robotics was founded by the end of 2017, with the purpose of making software solutions for robots, in a way that complicated programming is fully avoided. A patented sensor solution made sure the user of robots, should not worry about programming, and by that the robot solution becomes more flexible and attractive for small and mid-sized companies, who often have to changeover between series. Smooth Robotics first focus is companies, who work with welding, but in the long run, the product will expand to both soldering, grouting and bonding.

Team Members

Deepak Chaturvedi

Market Development - APAC

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Ahmad Gheith

Lead Software Developer

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Peter Madsen

Business Development Manager

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Erik Vistisen



Søren Jørgensen



Jonas Skov Jensen

Mechanical Hardware Lead


Erik Mønster


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Mark Kromann

Communication Manager

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