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Your Experts in Welding Automation

Smooth Robotics allows you to increase the performance of your welding production, through robots. Our software helps you increase the speed, precision, quality, and minimizes any damage or uneven and inconsistent welds, compared to manual welding.

Company Presentation

SmoothTool UR+ Certified

Smooth Robotics has just recieved the certified stamp from Universal Robots.


SmoothTool in top 10!

Smooth Robotics selected as one of the 10 most relevant robot startup companies in Europe


With SmoothTool it is easy!

Handling the robot with SmoothTool is as easy as using a smartphone!


- Made by welders, for welders.

Reach the optimal quality in your production, the best precision, minimal change-over time, and return on your investment in robot muscles. In a smooth, easy, and fast way you now actually can show the welding robot how you want your perfect result. Made by welders for welders this interface is easily added to your production robot, giving the control back to the craftsman. Smooth robotics makes it possible to convey your needs, knowledge, and demands of your final product to your robot by just demonstrating the real task on the actual workpieces.

How SmoothTool Works

Plan the whole process from welding to finish product

Get quickly comfortable with the SmoothTool UI

Set the different touchpoints for the robot

Set a point in the air after the welding has ended

What are you waiting for? Start welding!

What we do for you

Saving cost

No more waste of time and money on days of production standing still because of expensive automatisation input, expensive experts, or costly education.

Adressing Understaffing

SmoothTool allows the numbers of workers, and decreases physical stain, making your production more safe and attractive.

No Programming

Smooth Robotics lets you combine expert knowledge and results,machine and craftsman, talent and execution, and meticulousness withmass production – even down to 10 units. Even without programming

Increased efficiency

Smooth Tool helps you save time, and make your production more efficient. Your production can be accelerated by up to 45%, duo to the high quality and automation.


Less changeover time


Increased productivity


Programming Required

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