Our unique and patented solution is redefining what is possible in industrial welding.

With the Smooth Robotics solution the operator teach the robot which path to follow and were and how to weld - just by using our joystick solution mounted on the robot. 

No programming needed. No external assistance needed.  

And it works with any robot and with any welding equipment. 

A industry rule of thumbs say that you need to process at least 100 units before robot programming becomes viable. 

When Smooth Robotics does the job we are talking from 10 units and up. And it will beoffered on great terms that will secure you a pay back time of less than 12 months… 

The Smooth Robotics solution will be introduced in the fall of 2017

It will come as a stand alone product that can be added on to your existing robots and welding equipment. 

Or let us deliver the entire package including the Smooth Robotics box, robot and welding equipment. It works with any robot and any welding equipment.  

Whatever you choose we guarantee a smooth solution with a great pay back. 

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