Let your future robot quality welding learn from your best.

Made by welders for welders the Smooth Robotics Welding SmoothTool® makes it easy to give control of your production robot back to the craftsman.

Nobody needs a robot. Everybody needs a solution.

So, you think welding robots are hard to work with? Can you handle two sticks?

With the SmoothTool®  from Smooth Robotics installed in your welding robot unit, you are in control.

In a smooth, easy, and fast way you now actually can show a welding robot how you want your perfect result. Press start and get the work done. Transfer your professional welding skills to the robot. Forget about programming.

Get faster and more effective production

The SmoothTool® controls gives you optimal quality, the best precision, and minimal change-over time. Combine expert knowledge and results, machine and craftsman, talent and execution, and meticulousness with mass production – even down to 10 units. Smooth.

Connect your craft to the machine

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