Connect your craft to the machine

Activate the full potential of your knowledge in production

The Smooth Robotics Welding SmoothTool® is the missing link between the quality conscious knowhow of the skilled master and the endless possibilities of the robot mobility. Forget about tedious and costly automation programming.

Convey your needs, knowledge, and demands of your final product to your robot by just demonstrating the real task on the actual workpieces. Everything needed is delivered as a complete solution. Grab the joysticks, record how you want the job done, insert the basic points of action, indicate angles and techniques, and press play.

The robot will adopt all your professional skills and tricks needed to do the task and the result will be something you can be proud of and vouch for as if made by hand. Smooth Robotics lets you combine expert knowledge and results, machine and craftsman, talent and execution, and meticulousness with mass production – even down to 10 units. You could call it robot-workmanship with skills. Smooth.

What is Smooth Robotics?

Smooth Robotics is the invention of CTO and founder Jens Cortsen, himself a former CNC Machine operator and blacksmith, turned Engineer,, PhD and Head of Technology at the University of Southern Denmark. The experiences of these many points of interest and the love of science and good craftsmanship has found a home in Smooth Robotics. We are a spin-out company from University of Southern Denmark and part of the Odense Robotics cluster.

Let your future robot quality welding learn from your best

Nobody needs a robot. Everybody needs a solution. Made by welders for welders the Smooth Robotics Welding SmoothTool® makes it easy to give control of your production robot back to the craftsman.

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